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For all Earth Gardens referrals contact the Manager on
06 834 4010

Our Criteria

Anyone can apply to be Tangata Whaiora at Earth Gardens, as long as these criteria are met;

  • Aged 16 to 65

  • Aotearoa NZ Citizens

  • Have a disability, for 6 months or longer

  • On a Work and Income benefit

  • Have an interest in horticulture

Agency Earth Gardens Referrals

Our Clients are referred to us in many ways:

  • Community Mental health and addiction services

  • Health agencies

  • GPs

  • NGOs

Self Earth Gardens Referrals

If you feel Earth Gardens would be a great fit for you or for a whanau/Family member please get in touch and we will arrange time for an interview.

You can phone us or fill out the self-referral form below.