Why Earth Gardens?

Earth Gardens provides a safe and health work skills training environment for people living with a disability, and provides opportunities to:

  • Build self-esteem
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Develop motivation
  • Achieve work related goals

This is achieved through tailored programmes which develop food technology skills, work ethics, employment skills, educational opportunities, recreation/leisure skills and social skills.

Earth Gardens also provides the opportunity to transition into further education, participate in the community, carry out voluntary work experience, refresh old skills and develop new ones plus network with supportive employment agencies.

A success story

Billy arrived at Earth Gardens in March of 2006 after being referred by a key worker at Community & Mental Health in Napier. Suffering from depression, Earth Gardens appealed to Billy as it offered him a chance to work outdoors. Plus it gave him a reason to ‘get out of bed each day and commit to recovery’.

With no expectations before he started, he soon found the services offered at Earth Gardens surpassed his needs.

“I now find myself able to mingle and function like I did in the past”.

Activities vary day to day at Earth Gardens. Billy doesn’t have any favourites he just loves the option to participate each day in different jobs.

Being part of the Earth Gardens community has helped Billy enormously and he would recommend it to others.

“With depression, isolation is often a reality. But here at Earth Gardens, where there is no judgement and people with similar illnesses, it’s easy to participate and enjoy the surroundings”.